AMAHOKDESIGNS is ready(?) or at least almost ready for the Grand Re-Launch on Shopify!

Posted by Jean McGill on

I am a terrible online shop owner.  I always have been.  It is not easy for me to sit in front of a computer and describe the reason I chose to make a piece.  It is always about the ROCK.  I can't wrap a pendant unless I like the stone. When I finish a piece, I want to share it with others.  I prefer meeting people and getting acquainted.  I gain so much from your comments and suggestions.  One of my favorite past-times,ever, is talking about rocks.  I have been collecting and playing with rocks since I was very young and am still just as amazed by the beauty and wonder of nature.  I love the natural artistry within the stone.  Now that I have confessed my difficulty with online selling, I need to ask your assistance.  Please leave your comments when you visit.  I need your participation to keep motivated.  I hope I have several pieces that will be note-worthy.

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